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Submitting DApps

Apply your DApps to Sen Store


// Build a manifest
npx create-senhub-app manifest
You need to run npx create-senhub-app manifest to create a manifest file of your DApp first. This file will contain all the needed information for your submission.
// my_app.manifest.json
"url": "",
"appId": "my_app",
"name": "My App",
"author": {
"name": "Tu Phan",
"email": "[email protected]"
"tags": [
"description": "A sample project for Sentre developers",
"verified": false

Publish the repo

To publish the repo (your DApps hosting), you have to change and save the Source to the gh-pages branch.
Github Pages


  1. 2.
    Add your manifest file (e.g. my_app.manifest.json) to src.
  2. 3.
    Create a pull request to for submission.
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