Iconography is a collection of visual images and symbols that help users understand and navigate your app. Icons are used throughout the user interface as visual metaphors that represent a concept, ac

Application icons represent your app in the SenOS. They are primarily used to launch your application, but also represent your app wherever it appears in the SenOS:
  • Navigation
  • Dashboard
  • Widget info
  • Control center

By default, the icon uses the ionicons library.

Use an icon for actions, like cut, copy, paste, and save, or for navigation items in a navigation menu.
Use an icon if it's easy for the user to understand what the icon means and it's simple enough to be clear at small sizes.

SVG resources are ideal for icons, because they always look sharp at any size or resolution. You can also use a bitmap image, such as PNG, GIF, or JPEG, although we don't recommend it. When the image is scaled down (shrunk), it can appear blurry; when it's scaled up, it can appear blocky and pixelated.

Consistent rounding of corners and sizing of angles is also an important element in maintaining visual unity.

Icons should be used synchronously and consistently in one type. We use default in outline format.
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