Sentre: An All-in-one Solution

Sentre aims to become the true Open and Safe Haven for both Users and Developers.

By allowing the native utility token named SEN to be enabled in all pools, the protocol introduces two models named Simulated Single Exposure and Simulated Mesh Exchange, which solve the problems of Symmetric Deposits and Swap Possibilities respectively. In practice, the AMM will automatically run these algorithms and provide transparency to users. Moreover, it also provides an instrument called the adaptive fee model that reduces the risk of impermanent loss.

For developers, Sentre will open up the chance to access available liquidity. We believe that it will encourage the number of public projects and the liquidity effectiveness.

Finally, Sentre’s products inherited outstanding properties from Solana. We make use of quick block confirmation time based on Proof-of-History on Solana and low fee for user attraction[8].


[8] A. Yakovenko, “Solana: A new architecture for a high performance blockchain,” 2018.

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