Sentre: An Open Liquidity Protocol on Solana

Abstract—In the early era of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), numerous decentralization apps (DApps) emerged and attracted huge liquidity from the community. The environment of DeFi, however, was quite chaotic since these DApps are built separately from each other with poor interfaces and limited connectivity to other services. Sen Team developed Sentre to tackle this problem, by gathering liquidity from multiple sources and creating an open space to give back to the community.

In this paper, we will introduce our all-in-one solution: An operating system (OS) specifically designed for DApps, fueled with efficient liquidity from an automated market-maker (AMM) allowing both dual and triad token pools.

Through Sen OS, developers can realize and integrate their ideas into Sentre’s ecosystem. The main source of liquidity for Sentre comes from SenSwap, by allowing users to either swap, stake or pool in dual-token or triad-token pools with the native utility token SEN in the middle. This protocol removes several technical barriers and reduces most of the exchange fee. DAO might be utilized as a democratic regime to make sure the liquidity can leverage innovative projects and grow the ecosystem.

Eventually, Sentre’s ecosystem will be run by the community.

Index Terms—blockchain, decentralized finance, open liquidity protocol, automated market making.

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