Welcome to Sentre, the All-in-One Solana Open Platform with DApps Store and Universal Protocol for Liquidity.

🖐️Hello Sentizens, https://hub.sentre.io

Sentre in the first look

The first time of learning about Sen, you may be a bit confused amount Sentre, SenHub, and SenSwap. By the below explanation, we hope that we can make it clear to you:

  • Sentre refers to the whole ecosystem, including everything such as SenSwap, SenHub, etc.

  • SenHub is a platform that offers a base for blockchain developers to quickly build and ship decentralized applications (DApps) to users.

Individual development is hard

If you are an individual developer and you're incubating an innovative idea, there are several things you need to do before success. UniSwap needed 2 years to bring their idea to people. Compound had a talented team but also spent more than a year to launch the product.

You have to spend a lot of unexpected time to realize your ideas.

After a long time of struggling with code on your local machine, you - an individual developer - need to rent servers, buy domains, subscribe to many third services just for an official launch. That may consume a lot of money.

💸 You have to spend money on expensive services.

Furthermore, you have to do some marketing stuff that's even beyond the endurance of a geek. It's obvious that the process is very challenging and likely failed.

🤯 You have to do many things that aren't your strength.

In the end, the final evil is liquidity. If you build a DeFi protocol, liquidity is essential to run your protocol. Your idea may be never known by the public because of a lack of liquidity.

💧 Liquidity is a very limited resource for a new protocol.

Sentre leverages innovative ideas

Thus, Sentre aims to solve a solution to help developers tackle these challenges and encourage innovation. A developer can:

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