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The DApp's appearance
In the view, your DApp will occupy the whole viewpoint of the device; except the header of the system. You have a full right to customize it by owned style.
The page view
To implement the view, the code will be placed in ./src/view and declared by the file ./src/ .
// ./src/
import { Provider } from 'react-redux'
import { UIProvider } from '@sentre/senhub'
import View from 'view'
import model from 'model'
import configs from 'configs'
const {
manifest: { appId },
} = configs
export const Page = () => {
return (
<UIProvider appId={appId} antd>
<Provider store={model}>
<View />
export * from ''
In the template, you can see that the View is exported with context providers (see Providers). Also, static files declared in is exported here too. The structure in the is compulsory for DApp recognition.